If someone else has access to your computer, you might want to clear your browser history. Our red “Emergency Escape” button (above) closes our site and takes you to weather.com. However, a trace of where you have been is left in your history. Here is how to clear it out in different browsers.

QUICK TIP: After your clear your history, visit a few innocuous sites (like Google, CNN, People, etc.) to leave new history trail.

Deleting browsing history using Internet Explorer

Go to Tools (top right), then open Internet Options. Here you will see a Browsing History heading halfway down the new window; click on the button that says Delete. Also, another window will pop-up where you can delete your cookies etc. if desired.

Deleting browsing history using Chrome

Up at the top right on your browser window you will see a little icon with three horizontal lines. Click on the icon and then select Settings from the list. From here you will select History from the three tabs found on the left side of the page. Next you just click the Clear Browsing Data button.

Delete browsing history using Firefox

Click on the Firefox History drop-down menu located in the top menu bar. Hit the Clear Recent History selection.