Alli’s Story

Alli Jacobs was a young mother who lost her life to domestic violence on Mother’s Day 1993 in Temecula. On that tragic day Officer Kent Hintergardt, responding to the 911 call, was also murdered. Two lives lost, two families and our community devastated.
As a tribute to Alli as a mother and daughter SAFE named their resale shop after her. Keeping Alli’s story at the forefront brings awareness of SAFE’s lifesaving services for children and families impacted by domestic Violence and how SAFE can help others avoid this tragedy.


About Alli’s Resale Shop

Alli’s has quality recycled items at affordable prices. Alli’s carries clothing and shoes for men, women, children, infants; home décor, household appliances, furniture, books, toys and so much more. Alli’s isn’t just a resale shop – it’s an experience!


Your donations support our shop and we gratefully accept donations from Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:30 A.M. and 5:30 P.M.

We accept donations of clothing, shoes, linens, home décor, home goods, working household appliances, furniture, toys and books.

We CANNOT accept: mattresses, used bed pillows, used stuffed animals, car seats of any kind, cribs, large exercise equipment, electronics (e.g. TV’s, stereos, games, DVD/CD Players, computers etc.).

If you have a question about your donation, please call All’s. If you are donating furniture, please call Alli’s first to make sure we have room. We do not have storage to keep items so we have to make certain it will fit in the shop.


Volunteers are the foundation that Alli’s was built on. Volunteers are an integral part of keeping items on the sale floor and making things run smoothly. We would love to have you join our Alli’s Team.

Please download the volunteer application, complete and contact Rebecca M. at 951-587-3900 or to schedule an interview appointment. SAFE is required to do a background check on all volunteers for a $15 fee before they can begin at Alli’s.




27470 Jefferson Ave, Ste 6B
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 970-0123